Play Package Birthday Party Add-ons Enhance Your Next Party Booking

Celebrate Even Bigger With Play Package Birthday Party Add-ons!

Play Package Birthday Party add-ons are enhancements are designed to engage your party guests through play and entertainment to give your celebration an added layer of discovery and wonder. Museum Staff will lead attendees through an activity and give each party guest a unique experience and a physical creation to take home. Each Play Package Birthday Party add-on costs a $30 base fee and an additional $3/participant and  includes an additional 30 minutes of party room use to allow time for your activity.

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All Birthday Party Add-ons Are a $30 Base Fee + $3/Participant

Kazoo Kinetics

Kazoo Kinetics - Music Literacy + Physics
Recommended For Ages 4+

Participants will assemble and decorate their own kazoos experimenting with air waves and vibrations effecting pitch and sound. Key Concepts: Physics, Early Engineering, Cause & Effect, Fine Motor Skills, Linguistics & Early Speech 

Sublime Slime

Sublime Slime - Science + Sensory Play
Recommended For Ages 2+

Children will come together to create slime and decorate their individual portion to personalize it before taking it home. Participants will stretch, squish, and explore their slime’s texture and appearance. Key Concepts: States of Matter, Fine Motor Skills, Color Theory, Creative Expression, Sensory Play 

Button Bonanza

Button Bonanza - Creativity + Fine Motor Skills
Recommended For Ages 4+

Party guests will get to customzie their own button designs as an SCM Staff Member solidifies their unique designs into wearable take-home buttons. Key Concepts: Creative Expression, Fine Motor Skills, Following Directions, Gross Motor Skills 

Sizzling Spaceships

Sizzling Spaceships - Chemistry + Physics
Recommended For Ages 4+

Using Alka-Seltzer tablets, recycled film containers, and water, party guests will experience jumping joy! How far into the solar system will your sizzling spaceship reach? Key concepts: Chemical reactions, Cause & Effect, States of Matter, Following Directions 

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Q: Does my Party Add-on Include Additional Time In The Party Room For My Guests?

A: Yes. All party add-ons include 30 minutes of extra time in your booked room for your selected activity to take place during. Even more time can be added to your party in 30-minute increments if our schedule permits at the rate of $30/30 minutes. You also have the option to just pay for extra time and forego the activity add-on.

Q: Can I add extra time to my party booking without participating in an activity add-on?

A: Yes. Additional time can be added to your party room booking in 30-minute intervals if our bookings schedule permits it. Each added 30 minutes is $30 and all additional time must be booked at least one week prior to your party date.

Q: Can I book more than one activity add-on for my party?

A: If our party bookings schedule permits, you may add multiple activity add-ons. All add-ons must be booked at least one week prior to your party date.

Q: Can I Add a Play Package Add-on To My After Hours Party Booking?

A: Yes, you can add an activity to your after hours booking. After Hours Play Packages are NOT elligible for additional time additions and therefore are just charged at the rate of $3/participant with no $30 base fee. All Play Package Add-ons must be booked at least one week prior to your after hour party date.

Q: Are There Discounts Available for Museums For All or Other Qualifying Groups?

A: While party bookings themselves are elligible for Member and Museums For All discounts, play package add-ons are not discount elligible.