Looking for Children’s Museum directions? Find us just 150 steps from the Space Needle at:

305 Harrison Street
Seattle, WA 98109

The above address is for the entire Seattle Center Campus. If you type this address into your GPS, it will bring you to the Seattle Center Campus, not our building specifically. Because we are located in the Armory building in the middle of Seattle Center, you will need to park and then walk or stroll to our building.

Park anywhere around the Seattle Center either on the street or in one of the Seattle Center parking garages. Follow the signs on the Seattle Center Campus for the Armory. We are located on the lower level of the Armory, same building as the Seattle Center Monorail stop.

From North or Southbound I-5:

  • Take the Mercer St/Seattle Center exit (exit 167)
  • Merge on to Mercer St.
  • Turn left onto 5th Ave N.
  • Seattle Center will be on your right hand side

For alternate routes, please see the Seattle Center website. For updates on the Mercer Corridor Project, please see the Seattle Department of Transportation website.

From Public Transportation:

  • Ride a Bike
  • Ride a Ferry
  • Ride a Metro Bus
  • Ride the Monorail
    • Seattle Center Monorail provides fast, direct transportation between Downtown Seattle’s Westlake Station and Seattle Center. The Monorail travels 25 feet above street traffic and departs approximately every 10 minutes! Westlake Monorail Station is conveniently connected to the Downtown Transit Tunnel and Link Light Rail.
      Monorail tickets can be purchased at a Monorail Station or ahead of time on your phone. Visit SeattleMonorail.com for more information.


There is some 2-hour metered and un-metered street parking is available around Seattle Center. Finding those spots usually requires some driving around in circles and knowing the area.

Paid parking is also available in the Seattle Center lots surrounding the campus. Pricing depends on the day and any special events at Seattle Center.