The Bijou Theatre at Seattle Children’s Museum has some fantastic new updates! Thanks to our amazing donors, we were able to replace the carpet and re-finish the beautiful stage floor! Upgrades to the theatrical lighting, including light faders and sound effects, give kiddos the opportunity to put on a real performance! We are especially excited about our new backstage dressing room. Complete with vanities for children of all ages, our tiny actors can get ready for their productions in style. Handcrafted capes, new risers and gorgeous new curtains are just a few of the amazing new additions to this classic space. Come visit us and experience yet another way imagination comes alive every day at Seattle Children’s Museum.

What does “Bijou” mean?

Bijou is a French word that means jewel. It was a common name for theatres in the 1600’s. Theatre owners felt the name sounded “exotic” and therefore desired by their guests. Over time it started being used as an adjective to mean “charming” or “intricate design”.